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The Art Of Critical Thinking

(When Your Back Is Against The Wall)

In government, officials call their place of urgency the Situation Room. Companies have conference rooms, board rooms and war rooms. Families gather at the dining room or kitchen table. These are the places where people assemble to address time-sensitive, critical situations.

Critical situations demand critical thinking. There is an art to critical thinking when your back is against the wall. An ancient story gives some helpful tips in critical thinking. (continued...)

From Start To

Finish: Staying

On Track


Freedom defines a person. When you are determined to reach a goal by living nobly, you’ll do the right thing to remain on track while working hard to finish a good work. You say to yourself: “I’m here. I’ve made it thus far. I’ve started living the good life, exhorting virtue and valor. What’s next? How do I keep the flame going like the Olympic torch that never stops burning?”

From start to finish, you have to keep on keeping on. You have to continue doing your best, staying on the road to somewhere that brings about positive progress. (continued....)

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Competing In

Today’s Society:

Like The Olympics,

It Takes More

Than Speed

And Strength


The 2012 Summer Olympics is occurring in London, England. Each nation’s top athletes have trained and prepared for this moment in time. Like sportsmen and sportswomen, people in every field of work and play, should exhort a similar attitude of solidarity. How should we compete in today’s society? Determining the type of person you are is a matter of time and chance....

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by Bettina Elias Siegel
In recent years we've heard that gathering regularly for a family dinner has all kinds of beneficial effects on our children, from improved academic performance to a lower incidence of drug use. But in a piece in last Sunday's New York Times, two researchers challenge those claims.
Their study, published in the Journal of Marriage and Family, looked at data from the National Longitudinal Survey of Adolescent Health, a survey of about 18,000 teens, to analyze whether the frequency of family dinners had any impact on three factors:  depressive symptoms, substance abuse and what the researchers called "delinquency."  The study's findings:

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August Is National

Water Quality Month

Click on the Health tab for information and websites about water.

Voices of Faith: God didn't help me in a crisis, so has he let me down?

Is there a God somewhere in the heavens judging what prayers to answer and what prayers not to? If so, what criteria does that God use? Does he answer prayer based on a person's worthiness; how often one goes to church; how desperate or incapable one is? This is a notable column for the day....

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